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Like The Handmaid’s Tale? Check these out!

Do you know what the internet is missing? More posts like this /end sarcasm. Anyway, the TV adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale is on at the moment and so everyone has done a similar post, but there are always more books to recommend am I right? So, here are a collection of books I think… Continue reading Like The Handmaid’s Tale? Check these out!

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February round up

Well, February, you were fun! Highlights from this month included getting to add some more touches to my new home, having time off to really enjoy that Now TV pass, taking a trip to the home town, spending time with some of my favourite people, perfecting my vegan pancake recipe and seeing Twenty One Pilots… Continue reading February round up

leah's stupid life, The Read List

Ten Influential Books Tag

As always I found this tag on YouTube and didn't get tagged, but I love these tags and I want to find out more about the books that influenced other people, so if Kathy, Emma, Becky and George have the time, I'd love them to do this tag too!   So, here are ten books… Continue reading Ten Influential Books Tag