My weekend at LFCC and YALC

Hello there chaps, chapettes and those who identify as neither, how the devil are you? It feels like forever since I last opened WordPress, I’m going to assume you’ve missed me. But you know, it’s fine if you didn’t. Anyway, you good? Good. Now, let me tell you about my weekend where I spent a day hanging out with a bunch of nerds in London and then ended up hanging out with another bunch of nerds in my home town!

I’ve spent the past few days mostly sat in various train stations around the South of England because I went to LFCC AND YALC! I did visit a few years ago when it was in a different venue and much like last time, I did spend a huge amount of time wondering around in awe at all the cosplayers. My favourites this time around was a large group of Rick and Mortys who all decided to hang out together singing Get Schifty, the family that came dressed as Guardians of the Galaxy with the parents as Star Lord and Gamora and the children as Drax and Groot and their baby as Rocket. How did they get a tiny Rocket costume?! I also enjoyed a couple who came as Deadpool and Spider Man who spent most of their time holding hands and skipping around the convention together and the Newt Scamander I stood next to in the queue for the bathroom.

Honestly, I spent most of my time on the second floor of the building at the YALC where I visited a load of publisher stands and got all the swag below!

I’m actually very proud of myself for only buying two things from the whole event! There were so many things I wanted to buy! Though I missed the panel I wanted to see, I did get to listen to many authors, including a bunch of my favourites, talk about everything from their latest work, to romance, to bending genres and making it work for them – fascinating stuff! I was super sad I had to leave before Non Pratt had her head shave witnessed by Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, that is a thing that happened, the Twitter moment that was put together was a work of art).
I did check out LFCC too and got to see Christopher Lloyd posing next to a Delorean, Alyson Hannigan hanging out at her booth, Sylvester McCoy heading to his talk and squeed a bit too hard at the display of Back to the Future costumes and props. One day I will learn to go all three days and enjoy the whole event. Also one day I’d like to be able to source/make an awesome costume because honestly cosplayers are the coolest. I want to be that cool! After traipsing through London in the rain to get my train home and then sitting on a platform wishing GWR would get their shit together and run their trains on time, I met up with a group of nerds I’m more acquainted with to see Woody Harrellson fight some monkeys. So, pretty successful weekend I’d say!


My favourite author’s been dead for over 70 years, but he’s just released a new book

Hello there, sometimes I post videos on YouTube. I want to be a film maker, but shhh, lets keep that on the downlow. While I’ll never be Zoella, I do enjoy talking to a camera, so thought I’d do a little book haul over there, so take a look if you want to find out some more about a few new titles that have recently been released!


ps, if any of ya’ll are actual youtubers and can introduce me to hella attractive vloggers that might be interested in dating me, please do feel free to introduce us!

ARC haul, the reading passport, being a proud big sister? A book video in three parts

Yeah, I’m still doing that YouTube thing even though Dan Howell still doesn’t know I exist and I still don’t have enough subs to get into the YouTube space, but the YouTube thing is fun! And sometimes my love of books bleeds into life over on my channel, so one post spread across two social networks I guess!

Welcome to A book video in three parts:
Part one, a little round up of the arcs I’ve been sent recently, they’re probably the last ones I’ll get this year and a couple of them have appeared here before, but you know!
Part two, the reading passport, a new initiative happening at a couple of my local libraries that I thought was super cool and wanted to share, plus the books I picked up while I was there!
Part three, borrowing a book from my little brother who hated books when he was younger and now loves them and the proud big sister feels I have about that fact!

If you’ve read any of these, plan to read any of these or like the sound of any of these you should let me know so we can discuss! (also, *takes deep breath and prepares for the Philly D spiel* if you liked that video and you like what I do on that channel hit that like button and if you’ve not visited me over on YouTube before hit that subscribe button).  If any of ya’ll live near a library taking part in the reading passport, hit me up so we can discuss which books we’ve picked up and how many stamps we’ve earned!

Help! I want to read more non fiction.

Why hello there, can you help? I am on a quest to read more non fiction!
So the other day, I was perusing the YouTubes (I do that most days tbh) when I happened upon a video about non fiction books that had changed someone’s life, I read a lot, but I don’t spend that much time reading non fiction, I’m still feeling the burn from university tbh, but I’ve been wanting to get into more non fiction titles for a while now, I like learning, so… I should read more, right?
Anyway, tldr, I watched the video, it was very interesting and gave me some titles to look up next time I’m near the library, but it made me think about the few non fiction titles I have read, which made me think of you. Yes. You. Scared? Don’t be.
Sometimes I post stuff on YouTube, and when I post stuff about books, it generally makes my Twitter notifications do their job with people either talking to me about the books I’ve talked about, or recommending titles based on the books I’ve talked about. So, long story short, I figured I would take my hunt for non fiction onto YouTube and then I figured I would share it here.

So, if you can think of any non fiction titles that you’ve really enjoyed, let me know! And if you want to read any of these, check them out!

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! |Library Haul!

I was never really into Arthur as a kid, but that theme tune was pretty special wasn’t it?
So, when I was part of Booknotes, which, I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t done anything for in forever, I went to the library pretty much once a week, sometimes to take out books, but also to leave cute notes in books. This is actually my first library trip in the whole of 2015. We are eight months into the year and this is my first trip! Anyway, I have done nothing but read ebooks for pretty much the entire year and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to miss holding a proper book, so to the library I went and I thought I’d share my spoils with you!


The books I hired:
Notes on a Scandal – Zoe Heller
More than this – Patrick Ness
The Crane Wife – Patrick Ness
Trouble – Non Pratt

Books I bought:
The Drowning of Arthur Braxton – Caroline Smailes
Revolution – Russell Brand.


I’d be interested to know if anyone else craves reading a physical book after a load of ebooks and also if any of you have read/enjoyed any of these!
Also are there any other Trews/Lukeisnotsexy subscribers out there? Let’s be friends!

Challenge…. Accepted?

6 weeks

Those of you that have been around a while will know that every year I take part in the Somer Valley FM 6 Week Challenge. Partly because I sort of have to being a volunteer at the station but also because sometimes, they can be quite fun. The first year I wrote an entire novel. Which you can actually buy by the way, just click on my face over in the right column, last year I took part in a blog challenge where I reviewed every book I read in the whole six weeks. This year I’ve decided to learn how to use video editing software, this is partly so I can regain skills I learned at uni and then promptly forgot, such skills are useful when you’re a journalist after all, partly because I have been wanting to make a short film for a really long time and partly because the paper I work at has been trying to venture into the world of visual media and well… I’m the only one who knows how to well… video and although I’ve done videos for them in the past, I know they can be much better. So for the next six weeks, I will be filming, editing and uploading videos in the hope that I’ll actually be good at it by the new year. Yay for life goals.

So, here’s my first attempt, please like and subscribe if you are on YouTube and then maybe I can also get super rich super quickly and someone will actually want to publish one of my books.

In other news, I’ve been doing some collaborations with my friends in recent months, my friend Chris and I wrote a book together, it’s his first and my ninth, so we’re both very excited for very different reseasons! You can get the free download from here and the pair of us teamed up with some other friends to create a sketch show together, the trailer of which is now live and can be viewed here. Happy reading and happy watching!